Getting to the Edge

With more content each year crowding cyberspace, and more people wanting to access it quickly, the “edge” is the place to be.

So said Doug Slattery, founder and CEO of SYBOR Tech. Doug and other IT opinion leaders shared their thoughts on edge computing, a burgeoning data processing paradigm, in an interview with TechNewsWorld, a publication that tracks IT trends and innovations.

Global content is expected to increase 61 percent by 2025, according to a 2018 article in Network World. At the same time, consumer demand for a faster, more nimble Internet and lightning-quick downloads continues to swell. Both forces are driving developers to devise solutions to keep the rapid stream of content flowing.

Edge computing tackles potential cyber-overload by decentralizing data processing, functioning instead at the edge of cyberspace, where much of the data lives. By processing data directly at its source, both response times and bandwidth are enhanced.

“By moving the source of remote computing resources towards those who use it, the edge cloud reduces the distance that data must travel between a user’s device and the data center,” Raffi Elliott, head of content and partnerships for the cloud management company Mutable, told TechNewsWorld.

As the pandemic has forced America’s workers to adjust their work environments and become more nimble professionally, edge computing is becoming more prevalent in business.

Many industries have staked specific plots on the edge to take advantage of localized processing power and meet their business-specific needs. Aside from its adaptability, edge computing also is more cost-effective than simply pushing data into the cloud, because the data does not have to travel as far as with cloud-based computing.

Doug spoke to the reliability and consistency of edge computing, even during power, Internet or other disruptions.

“Edge devices reduce the risk of disruption due to outages, security vulnerabilities inherent in the cloud, (and) long response times during high-usage spikes.” Doug told TechNewsWorld.

“A well-designed edge network can also provide redundancy and minimize potential single points of failure if a catastrophic event occurs at one location,” Doug added.

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