How It Started

“SYBOR Tech, INC was developed out of a need for a more manageable automated security system.”

Doug Slattery
Founder, CEO of SYBor

The Story

In 2015, my wife Anna needed to remotely monitor her salon which had a large group of hair stylists on different schedules, as well as other tenants working in the building.

With a constant flow of clients and managers in and out of the salon, safety and security were of the utmost importance, especially if it could securely deliver all she needed to know through remote access.

Our solution delivered complete and secure control over the entire building.  All these advantages and complete interoperability between disparate smart devices working together effectively and all from one App.


SYBOR easily manages all smart devices from one single App.  Also, Enhanced Data Analytics and Image Analysis help identify Operational Efficiencies and Strategic Revenue Initiatives.

SYBOR seamlessly integrates the latest developments in machine learning, AI, and computer vision to learn each user’s behaviors and ultimately becomes an unlimited virtual security assistant, providing complete convenience, savings, security, and peace of mind.

SYBOR is available for use with iPhone, iPad, Android, PC, Mac, and Tablet.

What’s Next

Doug and his team have high expectations for SYBOR’s future.

All advancements made to SYBOR will be downloadable on all platforms for a seamless user experience.

SYBOR . . . Keep your business on the competitive edge

with smart technology that's on the leading edge .

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