How It Started

“SYBOR honestly started as a side project to make my wife happy”

Doug Slattery
Founder, CEO of SYBor

The Story

One day in 2015, Doug’s wife, Anna, came to him with a problem.

She wanted to remotely monitor her hair salon since it was occupied by other tenants who could access to entry/exit, lighting, and climate controls.

Few solutions existed; existing solution were limited, expensive, or ineffective.

Doug sought help from a few colleagues and began working on a solution.


SYBOR easily manages all smart devices from a single application.

However, it is more than a universal remote…

SYBOR seamlessly integrates the latest developments in machine learning, AI, and computer vision to learn users’ behaviors and become the ultimate virtual home assistant.

SYBOR increases security, savings, convenience, and peace of mind.

What’s Next

Doug and his team have high expectations for SYBOR’s future.

All advancements made to SYBOR will be downloadable on all platforms for a seamless user experience.

Put your smart Business / Office on steroids

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