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Introducing the technology that will make you feel better equipped and definitely make you feel safer.

SYBOR utilizes the same level of security as online banking.

  • Data is not stored on the cloud, and furthermore, connections to and from the SYBor platform are encrypted with TLS/SSL
  • Every device running the app needs to be paired with the platform to gain access

Customization Features

  • You can restrict users and groups to specific devices and IoT (“Internet of Things”) resources.
  • Need your outside smart lights to come on when the sun goes down?
  • Need your smart lights to come on when motion detection is triggered?
  • Need to monitor your smart home and office at the same time?
  • Need to lower your smart blinds when the sun is shining in the summer to lower HVAC usage?

The possibilities potentially endless of useful behaviors for your smart device ecosystem.

SYBOR . . . Keep your business on the competitive edge

with smart technology that's on the leading edge .

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