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Creating Strategic Revenue Initiatives through Smart Technology


Creating Strategic Revenue Initiatives through Smart Technology SYBOR Tech, with its State-of-the-art edge computing has uncovered an untapped opportunity offering a distinct advantage to all is users by delivering new revenue initiatives. Businesses, HOA’s, Communities and Facilities that employ security technologies have a singular purpose in mind and that is to provide the upmost in safety. What IF SYBOR Tech could offer more? With SYBOR’s superior data analytics, their technology can deliver a new perspective on where users can increase their income through uncovering new revenue streams that are currently untapped. SYBOR will provide users clarity on who is truly using [...]

Creating Strategic Revenue Initiatives through Smart Technology2022-08-09T16:55:33-05:00

Tech Tools Improving Small Business Efficiency


Tech Tools Improving Small Business Efficiency Entrepreneurs and business owners seek increased efficiency, and the simplest method uses state-of-the-art technology. Doug Slattery, CEO of SYBOR Tech, provides tech solutions to entrepreneurs. SYBOR utilizes computer vision, video analytics, and image analysis among other analytical techniques to build efficient small businesses. Small businesses are inefficient with monotonous tasks. Reducing the time spent on those tasks is a simple way to increase efficiency. Video analytics and image analysis use live or recorded data from cameras that is passed through AI, machine learning and computer vision algorithms. According to Towards Data Science, today’s video analytics [...]

Tech Tools Improving Small Business Efficiency2022-06-29T23:53:01-05:00

The Importance of Enhanced Data Analytics


The Importance of Enhanced Data Analytics Data has no value if it’s not actionable. SYBOR Tech has mastered how to capture the most valuable data analytics you need to know the properties you own and manage are always safe and secure. Internet technology continuously changes, and discovering behavioral patterns is critical to maintain control and gaining insights. Enhanced data analytics allows deep dives into several information streams. Through these data streams, it’s possible not just to learn patterns, but through the power of computing, learn these patterns within minutes. There’s one thing better than discovering patterns, and that’s predicting them. Through [...]

The Importance of Enhanced Data Analytics2022-06-22T23:38:01-05:00

SYBOR Tech – Divergence Academy – Partnership


SYBOR Tech and Divergence Academy Announce Partnership SYBOR Tech proudly announces their partnership with Divergence Academy in support of the remarkable service they provide for military service members pursuing a career in technology.   Following their military service, education, and internship opportunities like SYBOR Tech offers, Divergence Academy students gain real-world experience in their chosen career path. SYBOR Tech committed to creating technical and engineering internship opportunities in Cybersecurity, AI/Machine Learning, Software Engineering, Web Development, UI/UX, Database Design and IT/Sys Admin roles all candidates can apply for. Through this new partnership, SYBOR Tech recently onboarded four qualified veterans from the Air Force [...]

SYBOR Tech – Divergence Academy – Partnership2022-06-15T16:08:54-05:00

Internet Technology: What’s Next?


Internet Technology: What's Next? Cyber technology is where the world is now. But what about tomorrow? What new innovations are on the horizon, and how will they change computing and our everyday life? "Internet technology is continuously evolving," said Doug Slattery, founder and CEO of smart security ecosystem manufacturer SYBOR Tech, during an interview with Bisila Bokoko, the host of Negocios (Business With) Bisila Bokoko, a Q-and-A program on Spain’s online Negocios TV network. During the 13-minute interview, available at, Doug touched on key innovations that, he feels, will re-shape Internet technology in the coming years, including: Edge computing, through [...]

Internet Technology: What’s Next?2022-05-18T21:57:32-05:00

Getting to the Edge


Getting to the Edge With more content each year crowding cyberspace, and more people wanting to access it quickly, the "edge" is the place to be. So said Doug Slattery, founder and CEO of SYBOR Tech. Doug and other IT opinion leaders shared their thoughts on edge computing, a burgeoning data processing paradigm, in an interview with TechNewsWorld, a publication that tracks IT trends and innovations. Global content is expected to increase 61 percent by 2025, according to a 2018 article in Network World. At the same time, consumer demand for a faster, more nimble Internet and lightning-quick downloads continues to [...]

Getting to the Edge2022-08-09T16:58:03-05:00

Looking Back


Looking Back ... Technology was the world I grew up in ... While discussing his forward-thinking cyber technology career, Doug Slattery took a look back at how that career path started. Doug, founder and CEO of smart security eco-system manufacturer SYBOR Tech, was interviewed for Negocios (Business With) Bisila Bokoko, a Q-and-A program on the Spain-based Negocios TV online network. During the interview, he explained to Bisila how watching the Apollo lunar missions as a child fueled his curiosity in technology. During that time, his family took him to Cape Canaveral, Florida, to watch one of the moon mission launches. "To [...]

Looking Back2022-03-30T12:57:32-05:00

SYBOR … A Great Start for a Startup


SYBOR ... A Great Start for a Startup Doug Slattery in 2018 made the difficult transition from tech developer to entrepreneur. In the process, he garnered national attention.   Doug's AECS Consulting, Inc. – the forerunner of the SYBOR Tech smart security eco-system company he founded and leads today – received an honorable achievement by being selected as a semi-finalist in the 2020 Most Fundable Companies competition, staged annually by Pepperdine University's Graziadio Business School.   The prestigious Most Fundable Companies competition each year attracts thousands of US based companies and 2020 attracted more than 4,500 applications from early-stage companies in need [...]

SYBOR … A Great Start for a Startup2022-03-30T12:57:05-05:00
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