SYBOR Tech and Divergence Academy Announce Partnership

SYBOR Tech proudly announces their partnership with Divergence Academy in support of the remarkable service they provide for military service members pursuing a career in technology.   Following their military service, education, and internship opportunities like SYBOR Tech offers, Divergence Academy students gain real-world experience in their chosen career path.

SYBOR Tech committed to creating technical and engineering internship opportunities in Cybersecurity, AI/Machine Learning, Software Engineering, Web Development, UI/UX, Database Design and IT/Sys Admin roles all candidates can apply for.

Through this new partnership, SYBOR Tech recently onboarded four qualified veterans from the Air Force and Marine Corps, all of which have potential to be outstanding professionals as they gain experience through our program.

SYBOR Tech is an industry leader in Intelligent security and surveillance technology. Specifically, their work in developing comprehensive systems makes them an ideal partner for Divergence Academy. Instead of working on concepts, Interns have a chance to create the systems of tomorrow that protect people and today’s critical assets. As a veteran-owned business, SYBOR Tech understands the value provided by these students and puts them in the best position to display their emerging skills.

Similarly, Divergence Academy gained notoriety regarding their impressive curriculum. Their students are well-schooled in the different emerging areas in technology. With an education geared towards the tech of tomorrow, Divergence Academy students enter the workforce lacking the need to be trained on new systems. Instead, they work with the most current systems and thanks to their military experience, they have the discipline to learn and implement new concepts.

Through this partnership, both companies reap great benefits. Divergence Academy students put their skills to use in applicable real world settings while SYBOR Tech gets the benefit of freshly educated minds to improve their already impressive work.

SYBOR Tech is THE Next-Gen Technology company providing the most intelligent security and surveillance automation technology available. With state-of-the-art edge computing processors and hardware accelerators, SYBOR delivers supercomputing performance in an embedded footprint without the cloud.

Our solution provides Enhanced Data Analytics and Image Analysis which helps to identify Operational Efficiencies and Strategic Revenue Initiatives, with complete interoperability between disparate smart devices, allowing them to work together effectively and all from one APP.

Founded in 2011, SYBOR is veteran-owned, based in McKinney Texas, and classified as VOSB (Veteran-owned small business) by the SBA. SYBOR Tech is the only choice to control autonomous IoT monitoring and deliver the ultimate safety and security.