Tech Tools Improving Small Business Efficiency

Entrepreneurs and business owners seek increased efficiency, and the simplest method uses state-of-the-art technology. Doug Slattery, CEO of SYBOR Tech, provides tech solutions to entrepreneurs. SYBOR utilizes computer vision, video analytics, and image analysis among other analytical techniques to build efficient small businesses.

Small businesses are inefficient with monotonous tasks. Reducing the time spent on those tasks is a simple way to increase efficiency. Video analytics and image analysis use live or recorded data from cameras that is passed through AI, machine learning and computer vision algorithms. According to Towards Data Science, today’s video analytics and image analysis systems identify objects with 99% accuracy meaning systems work faster and with fewer mistakes than humans. Computer vision integrated with artificial intelligence and machine learning identify objects and perform tasks based on software programs to perform those tasks. SYBOR’s experience with computer vision, AI and machine learning helps small businesses reduce redundant tasks. Employees get more time serving customers instead of redundant tasks.

Video analytics uses two ways to improve efficiency: alerts at specific incidents or collating video recordings for investigations. Simply put, it removes man-hours from watching the video. The systems do all the work faster and more accurately than humans. SYBOR ensures systems detect patterns and abnormalities with fidelity. Instead of dedicating a person to manually analyzing hours of video, efficiency increases when people work on complex and non-redundant tasks.
Image analysis improves efficiency by sorting the data. Use image data for diagnostic purposes, sales support, service options, and an efficient customer journey. Objects are detected, values assigned, and action is taken. For example, a QR code takes automated action via image analysis. The code is scanned and the person scanning the code takes a journey only available via the code. SYBOR helps businesses connect with customers. Image analysis lets entrepreneurs focus on the human side of customer relations. Automation makes everything else run smoothly.

Efficiency allows businesses to focus more on customers and less on processes. Thanks to SYBOR, small businesses focus on the customer experience without losing ground on important processes.

SYBOR Tech is THE Next-Gen Technology company providing the most intelligent security and surveillance automation technology available. With state-of-the-art edge computing processors and hardware accelerators, SYBOR delivers supercomputing performance in an embedded footprint without the cloud.

Our solution provides Enhanced Data Analytics and Image Analysis which helps to identify Operational Efficiencies and Strategic Revenue Initiatives, with complete interoperability between disparate smart devices, allowing them to work together effectively and all from one APP.

Founded in 2011, SYBOR is veteran-owned, based in McKinney Texas, and classified as VOSB (Veteran-owned small business) by the SBA. SYBOR Tech is the only choice to control autonomous IoT monitoring and deliver the ultimate safety and security.